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Damaged or unreadable digital information can be recovered and transferred to another device through the use of data recovery software and hardware tools. To recover files from damaged hard drives, solid-state drives, RAID arrays, and other devices, professional data recovery companies employ a variety of sophisticated tools.

Every year, millions of computer users experience data loss, resulting in millions of dollars in financial losses.

The following are examples of data loss scenarios:

Components are damaged as a result of a physical impact damage.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) causes damage to media (ESD)

File corruption is a serious problem.

Unintentional file deletion or bad sector formatting are two common problems.

Damage to media caused by decay or physical wear, as well as fire, smoke, or water damage

Given that digital devices can fail in a variety of ways, data recovery companies must have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of media damage in order to achieve high success rates. Hundreds of thousands of devices are recovered by Secure Data Recovery Services every year. We are also constantly investing in new technologies to ensure that our clients receive dependable services.

How Does the Data Recovery Process Function?

Physical media damage, logical (non-mechanical) file damage, or a combination of the two types of damage are the most common causes of data loss. Because failure scenarios differ so widely from one case to the next, data recovery companies are unable to provide consistent flat-rate pricing. Secure Data Recovery Services, on the other hand, provides free media evaluations and price quotes.

Our engineers will need to conduct several in-lab tests in order to develop an appropriate recovery plan for each recovery, after which we will be able to provide a price quote and an accurate turnaround estimate for each recovery. Secure Data Recovery Services provides completely risk-free diagnostics, and after receiving their evaluation reports, our clients are under no obligation to proceed with data recovery.

The following are some of the factors that influence recovery costs and turnaround times:

The extent of physical media damage, including the operating system and filesystem, and the type of media used to store the data. The extent of data corruption or overwritten files.

Following an evaluation of the media, we repair or replace damaged components in order to return physically damaged storage devices to operational status. Many digital devices are susceptible to media contamination, and we maintain a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom on-site to prevent components from suffering serious damage. No professional data recovery provider can safely repair damaged hard drives, solid-state drives, or other devices unless they have access to a Cleanroom that has been properly certified by the relevant authorities.

Following the repair of physical damage, we proceed to address logical media issues using specialized utilities that are optimized for specific filesystems and file types. Our engineers frequently work directly with damaged data to ensure that it is completely recovered, especially when files have been significantly overwritten or corrupted by other data.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates has a recovery rate of more than 90% for the majority of digital media formats that they support. We have recovered usable files from devices that have suffered severe fire or water damage. Our engineers use safe media handling procedures and advanced data recovery technology to recover the files from the damaged device. Extensive media damage or file overwrites, on the other hand, can significantly reduce the likelihood of a successful recovery. As soon as you notice signs of data loss, you should turn off your device to avoid causing further damage to yourself or others. Do not rely on data recovery software and thoroughly investigate your options before selecting a data recovery company to work with. Choosing a Certified Data Recovery Provider is an important decision.

The United States is home to hundreds of data recovery companies. However, many of these companies employ insufficient security controls and poor practices, which can cause damage to your data storage devices. In order to achieve the best possible results, you should hire an experienced, certified company that has a well-established reputation in the industry.

Among data recovery companies, Secure Data Recovery Services has the most relevant certifications, more than any other. When it comes to handling client media, we follow strict security protocols, and we were the first provider to receive an SSAE 18 Type II Certification from the SEC.

Among our security certifications are the following:

General Services Administration (GSA) Contractor Certification General Services Administration (GSA) PCI Security Certification SAS 70 and SSAE 18 Type II Certification Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Member

Furthermore, we have been certified as a secure data recovery provider by all of the major media companies. Our certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom technology, as well as our proprietary data recovery tools, allow us to deliver consistent results in a short amount of time, every time.

To learn more about our certifications or to view security documents and audit reports, please see our certifications page.

Free Data Recovery Diagnostics Appointments Can Be Made

Secure Data Recovery Services has more than two dozen offices throughout the United States and can provide fast, risk-free media evaluations to customers. Each diagnostic report includes a price quote and a turnaround estimate, as well as a detailed analysis of the media failure that was encountered.

We provide data recovery and media repair services for the following devices:

All of the hard drives RAID Arrays are a type of storage array. Flash Memory and Memory Cards are two types of storage media. Solid-state drives and hybrid drives are two types of drives. Virtual Servers are a type of server that can be accessed remotely. Devices such as NAS and SAN Individual files and databases are stored on a server. CDs, DVDs, data tapes, floppy drives, and other media are all available.

To schedule diagnostics and receive a free price quote for data recovery from a digital device, please contact one of our data recovery experts today.

HD recovery is a complex and very tough job but there are professionals that can do this very easily and properly. You just have to find these professionals.  They are not very hard to find a simple internet search can yield you some good results. Once you choose HD Recovery Professionals, you must look at their past record and make sure that they have got a positive and successful past career. They must have a success rate of more than 70 percent to deal with all kinds of hard drive problems. You can hire them but make sure that they are charging a reasonable fee. The fee must not exceed the actual price of your hard drive. There are different professionals to deal with hardware and software issues. You have to find the best possible option that can deal with your problem. Diagnosing the problem is even more important because without knowing the exact issue, you will not be able to solve it. Ask your professional to tell you about the actual problem and they negotiate the solution price accordingly. Try to get your hard drive working again because that can help you a lot and you can use it for coming few years.

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Hard Drive Making Noise…Well Here is Why

One of the most important parts of any desktop or laptop computer is the hard drive. This hard ware is responsible for keeping your computer systems running optimally as well as giving your computer memory storage. This storage is for anything that you may need from downloading information from the internet to uploading content from another electronic device. All of this data makes it way through the hard drive and can be stored or deleted. The hard drive is like any other piece of equipment after continuous use over a long period of time it can begin to malfunction.


 A malfunctioning hard drive is a computer user’s worst nightmare. Since the hard drive is essential part of the computer any issues regarding it will affect the computer as a whole. One primary problem a user may experience is slower start up and shut down times as well as downloading and uploading speeds that are slower. These as well as a clicking sound upon start up are great indicators that there is something going wrong with your hard drive. Luckily there are other devices that can be used with your computer including external hard drives and flash drives. Both of these tools are great for backing up information from a computer.

If You Hear A Click When Your Start Up, Its Time To Pick A New Hard Drive Part Up 

 The hard drive is probably one of the most essential parts of any desktop or laptop computer, but usually gets no regard from a user until it begins to malfunction. This hard ware has the responsibility of keeping your computer system in check as well as providing you with a ton of storage. This storage can be filled with anything from movies and pictures to music and documents. Anything that you download or upload is placed into the hard drive and stays there until it is deleted.

 If you hear your computer clicking during the start up process it is time to seek the help of a computer technician. This person should be able to diagnosis the problem and tell you how severe the damage is. In most cases if the noise has just begun then the hard drive has not completely failed yet. In any cases whenever a strange sound is heard from your computer it is important that a computer technician is called in to see what the problem is. Backing up your information on flash drives and external hard drives is always recommended especially for files that cannot be replaced.

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